Concedo AS

Geir Lunde

Managing Director

Geir   Lunde Geir Lunde graduated (M.Sc.) in petroleum prospecting from NTNU (The Norwegian University of Science and Technology) in 1978 and in business administration from BI (the Norwegian School of Management) in 1989. With his 30 years of experience from Norwegian and international industry he has concentrated particularly on exploration, geology and seismic interpretation. He played key roles in several discoveries on the Norwegian shelf off Mid-Norway and in the Barents Sea, including the Goliat Field, the first commercial oilfield in the Barents Sea. For a total of 9 years he has held a seat on the boards of Neste/Fortum Petroleum and the seismic company Nopec. Before Concedo, he spent most of his working life in Norsk Hydro, Nopec and Neste/Fortum Petroleum. He chaired the international AAPG conference in Athens in 2007 and the AAPG North Sea Conference in Oslo in 2008.

Dirk van der Wel

Principal Production Geologist

Dirk  van der Wel Dirk van der Wel graduated in geology and mineralogy from the University of Oslo in 1974. He has wide experience from positions with the University of Oslo, the Geological Survey of Norway (NGU) and positions with major oil companies, including many years with Norsk Hydro. He was also manager of the section for petroleum technology software in Norsk Hydro. His experience embraces work in prospect evaluation, reservoir evaluation, applied geo-statistics and evaluation of probability for discoveries covering the Norwegian continental shelf and internationally. He has worked on a number of oil and gas fields, siliciclastic as well as carbonate reservoirs.

Ane Marta Skaug Rasmussen

Senior Geologist

Ane Marta Skaug Rasmussen

Anders Finstad

Senior Geophysicist

Anders  Finstad Anders Finstad has his academic background from EDB høyskolen/NITH (2 year degree in computer science), Imperial College, London (B.Sc-Hons in geology), and from the University of Oslo where he completed a Cand. scient in applied geophysics in 1995. Anders has more than 15 years experience from the oil industry where he has worked with exploration and also in the multi client seismic business. In the recent past, Anders has worked as CEO in Geocap AS, a small Oslo-based software company developing solutions for the oil industry. At Concedo, Anders is contributing actively in the company¿s work with emphasis on technology-driven exploration of licensed and unlicensed areas.

Hilde Alnæs

Senior Geophysicist

Hilde  Alnæs

Tommi Rautakorpi

Senior Geologist

Tommi  Rautakorpi

Juergen Schlaf


Juergen  Schlaf

Morten Hedemark

Operations Manager

Morten  Hedemark Morten Hedemark graduated in offshore engineering from Heriot-Watt University in 1987. His operational background started with employment as a wireline logging engineer, followed by a position as operations geologist. Since then Morten has mainly been engaged in formation evaluation, both sandstone and carbonate reservoirs, for Norwegian and international oil companies and also as a consultant. These companies include Statoil, Norsk Hydro and Neste/Fortum. Morten also has experience in petroleum economics, production technology, business development and drilling/completion.

Erik Klausen

Manager HSE

Erik  Klausen Erik Klausen has more than 30 years experience from the oil and gas industry. His experience spans the value chain from concept to operation of oil and gas fields on the Norwegian shelf. His experience includes engineering and management of projects, such as drilling rigs and field developments. He also held management and Vice President positions in Aker corporate. After a long period in Aker he was General Manager of engineering companies in oil and gas industry, safety and security, including telecommunications. This has given him wide technical and commercial experience. Erik graduated in Cilvil Engineering from the Heriot-Watt University in 1976 and has postgraduate studies in management and economics.

Ole Herman Fjelltun

Chief Reservoir Geologist

Ole Herman Fjelltun Ole Herman Fjelltun graduated from the Department of Applied Earth Sciences and Metallurgy at the University of Trondheim (NTH) in 1981. After being employed as a geophysicist for Shell International and as a reservoir geologist with Saga Petroleum, he worked as a consultant to a number of small oil companies for some years. He has contributed towards a number of discoveries and the development of oil and gas fields as an expert on reservoir modelling and use of computer tools.

Elisabet Malmquist

Geological Advisor

Elisabet  Malmquist Elisabet Malmquist graduated from the University of Stockholm in 1983 and has a Master degree in geology. She has worked as a geologist in exploration over the whole Norwegian shelf. Elisabet worked in Saga Petroleum for 16 years, where among other things she played a central role in discovery of the Borg Field in the Tampen area. She has experience from most of the Norwegian licensing rounds, TFO applications, data analysis and G&G work in partner as well as operator licences. She has also worked as an independent G&G consultant, in which capacity she had long-term contracts with Norwegian and international oil companies.

Odd Eirik Baglo

Chief Geophysicist

Odd Eirik Baglo Odd has wide experience in seismic interpretation and exploration on the Norwegian continental shelf. He graduated in applied geophysics from the University of Oslo in 1989. From 1996 to 2006 he worked for Saga Petroleum and Norsk Hydro. He has worked on exploration licences for a number of operators and at times was attached to the Petek team. For the last two years Odd worked for Norsk Hydro in Bergen as geophysics discipline manager in the Brage Petek team. He also participated in interpreting 4D seismic and planning new drilling activities.

Enric Leon

Senior Geologist

Enric  Leon Enric Leon has a wide background of studies at the University of Barcelona, where he graduated in geology in 1992, with a strong focus on structural geology, sedimentology and advanced studies in groundwater geology in 1996. In 2007 he completed his master's degree in petroleum geology at the University of Oslo, specialising in gravity modelling and intensive use of modern geophysics software. Since joining Concedo Enric has participated in various projects on the Norwegian continental shelf in the Barents Sea and off Mid-Norway.

Arild Andresen

Commersila Manager

Arild  Andresen

Jens Fredrik Kolnes


Jens  Fredrik Kolnes

Sebastian Scheel Rey

Senior Geophysicist

Sebastian Scheel Rey