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The HSE network SOL (Small Operators and Licensèes)

is an HSE network for oil & gas companies with small organisations in Norway. The network operates under OLF through HSE Managers Forum (HMF). The goal of its members is to pool the group's resources, competence, systems and experiences, to share practices and maintain a common platform for improvement of HSE. Contact in OLF: Irene Aasland, Rådgiver HMS/Adviser HSE, Oljeindustriens Landsforening
Mobil: 952 33 185/e-post: iaa@olf.no

AGR coordinates and facilitates the SOL Network and meetings. If you want further information please contact: Anniken Meisler, AGR, Email: anniken.meisler@agr.com or tel. +47 476 67 507